Nostalgia of a City
Nostalgia of a City
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Submitted by:Aaron Wooten
Submitted:3 years ago
Location:Chicago, USA
Tags: Chicago

About five years ago I began a series entitled "Vintage Chicago".  It consisted of a number of old Chicago photos that were redone with ink and acrylic on canvas.  It was and still is a great way to reflect of the history of Chicago and the theme of nostalgia.  Chicago is built out of bricks and there are still alleys and roads that still have their original brick form dating back to the 1850's.  Walking through many different parts of Chicago will give you the sensation that you are in a different time.  This was a large inspiration for me and one day I got the chance to create a mural of one of these pieces along a similar alley in Roger's Park, which is on the northernmost side of town.  Two blocks further north and you're in Evanston.  Getting the chance to do this has been the height of my artistic career and next year I'll be painting another one of these pieces near Lakeshore Drive, which is only a block from lake Michigan.  I eventually ended up moving just a block west of where this mural is and it find it both fun and ironic that everyday I get to pass this mural on the way home and on the way out.

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